QCons Dev Console for Unity

In-game development / debug console for Unity

This is a short overview of an in-game console for Unity that I have made available on the Unity Asset store - the QCons Developer Console. This post is available here largely to allow anyone to take a look at the documentation without needing to purchase the asset.

What it is

The QCons Dev Console is a small code asset for Unity that consists of an in-game console intended for quick testing and debugging. It’s the same concept that was made widespread by Quake (hence the Q in QCons) and has by now spread much more.

The Unity asset is available for 10.50 USD and consists, for the most part, of a single prefab that is immediately ready for use in the Unity UI system.

Typical use cases would be to implement test commands you can easily run within your game to change something, and to bundle the console with test builds and use its exported output to assist in debugging.

The manual contains detailed information about what the asset can do.


A couple of pictures:

Screenshot Screenshot

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